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David Ferrer
via Google

I’ve been training jiu jitsu on and off for 14 years and I have yet to train at a place like CTA Alexandria. Professor Vu and coach Edgar has created a place to practice that embodies the true essence of Jiu jitsu. Everyone in the gym is humble and respectful of each other. The jiu jitsu instructions are really technical and detailed oriented. I can definitely say I found a home at CTA Alexandria.

If you want to learn first class Jiu jitsu and also have a wonderful experience, come to CTA Alexandria!

Chris Kim
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I've been a member of the CTA Alexandria BJJ family for over a year now. At first, I joined because I had the pleasure of attending Professor Caio Terra's seminar back when I was living overseas, and I remembered how knowledgeable and detailed he was at teaching each technique. That said, I immediately decided to stay because Professor Vu and Coach Edgar not only embody the same teaching philosophy, but they also exhibit the passion and kindness that are simply contagious among all the teammates. This is also very evident as everyone trains hard, while staying safe and maintaining good vibes. I highly recommend CTA Alexandra BJJ, and if you ever decide to drop by, please hit me up for a fun roll!

Katherine Dela Paz
via Google

My kids have been attending CTA Alexandria BJJ and their journey has been an amazing one. They are progressing in their skills and learning a lot from their instructors. The Instructors are wonderful and they make sure each kid is learning the moves properly and they work with them as a group or individual. They encourage one another and it's a great way for my boys to learn self-defense and make new friends at the same time. They are very professional and great with communication! Thank you CTA Alexandria BJJ for all you've done for my boys!

Ed C
via Google

Coach Vu has created an amazing BJJ experience in Caio Terra Academy Alexandria. The instruction and (new) facility are great. More importantly, CTA Alexandria is an incredibly welcoming and inclusive environment. Pop in for a class and the first thing you will notice is the room is filled with all manner of folks. Young - old(er), male-female, experienced competitors - first timers.... all bound by a desire to challenge themselves, learn something new, and improve their life through fitness and BJJ.
The new class schedule is awesome; something for everyone, literally morning, noon, and night.

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